Marvel meets DC meets Jazz: This constitutes MaxMantis – Three musicians that through their performances of musical themes, jingles, free improvisation and chaos tell the ongoing story of their alternate superhero lives. Here, stylistic and musical boundaries do not exist- into the infinite abyss and beyond! Maximum Mantis!

Lukas Gernet- Pinao
Rafael Jerjen- Bass
Samuel Büttiker- Drums

The Rafael Jerjen Concept

The aim of this project is to write for varying instrumental lineups/ textural combinations that take my interest as a composer. The music I have written and arranged continues to evolve over the years along with me, in many ways this project is my sonic Autobiography.


A jazz quintet that plays anything but traditional works composed by drummer/  band leader Clemens Kuratle.

Clemens Kuratle- Drums
Jonathan Maag- Tenor Saxophone
Forian Weiss- Trombone
Franz Hellmüller- Guitar
Rafael Jerjen- Bass


An exquisite project led by Swiss drummer Florian Arbenz featuring a world class international cast from all over the globe now based in Europe.

Florian Arbenz- Drums (Switzerland)
Jorge vistel- Trumpet (Cuba)
Michael Vistel- Tenor Saxphone (Cuba)
Nelson Veras- Guitar (Brasil)
Jim Hart- Vibraphone (UK)
Rafael Jerjen- Bass (Australia/ Switzerland)


Space………. Sound…… Silence…… tracking……
Johanna Jelicci- Vocals, Sounds, Electronics
Jochen Baldes- Tenor Saxophone
Franz Hellmüller- Guitar
Rafael Jerjen- Bass
Samuel Büttiker- Drums